Camp Work Week | July 10-16, 2016

Who: Anyone aged 16 and Up
When: July 10-16. Come when it works for you. 
Cost: Free and all meals will be provided.

This year as we move forward with our vision for some work to be done at Camp we are scheduling a Camp Work Week. This camp is open to anyone that is interested (must be 16 years of age) in helping to refit the camp and work on projects that require more time and hands. There is no cost to register for this camp and all meals will be provided. The week itself will be organized around the rhythms of work and prayer, and include breaks from our labours throughout the day for time to give thanks, reflect on Scripture, and listen to God - both privately and corporately. You are welcome to participate in a portion of the week. For example, you could come for three days or you could come for the days but not spend the night. We ask that you register for this week, to help us prepare for work projects and meals.