Squirt Camp 

Who: Kids age 4 to Completed grade 2
When: July 13-14, 2019
Cost: $35.00/camper

This one-night-stay camp is the perfect opportunity to introduce these little ones to camp. It is very similar to our other programming, just with a shorter time and a tighter packed schedule. Though our time with the campers will be limited, we hope to leave an impact on them as we share the love of Jesus with them. 

Registration for Squirt Camp will begin at 10:00 am on the Saturday, July 13th. We encourage parents to stick around for the first couple of hours to help their kids get settled and familiar with the camp grounds. Come noon, we are hoping to jump into our regular camp programming. At this point, we will encourage the parents to allow the staff/volunteers to take the lead. 

With the short one night experience that this will be, we realize that some parents will not want to make the long drive twice in 24 hours. We will offer our baseball field to any of the parents that would like to tent overnight at the camp. Depending on numbers, there may also be some cabin space available. We encourage those staying at the camp to make their own plans during the day, whether that may be a trip to Wasagaming, golfing, or hanging out at another beach with the rest of your family. While it will be great to have the family within close perimeters, we also want to give the campers a real camp experience. 

As all of our camps, great precaution is taken for the health and safety of each camper, and they will be under capable supervision, day and night. A nurse and a lifeguard will be on staff at all times. There will be plenty of adults around to cater to the higher needs of these younger campers. Parents that are interested in volunteering for the week, should contact Hanne Johnson (covenantheightsbiblecamp@gmail.com).

Pick-up will be at 2:00 pm on Sunday, July 14th.

We have many little ones in our community of churches, and we want to share with them the love for camp and the love of Jesus. Join us this summer!